Electric Car Kits EV Conversion Guide - Save Fuel Expenses With Electric Vehicle Conversion Guide

Published: 22nd June 2011
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This is a less expensive way to obtaining an electric car.

If the high price of driving is getting you down, and you are looking for a more cost effective means to driving, then an electric car conversion is for you. Along with its cost effectiveness, a conversion to an electric car also eliminates greenhouse emissions. That benefits everyone.

Many car owners are seriously considering using and electric vehicle (EV) for their daily day to day commute. This is due to the rising gasoline cost at the local gas station. Since an internal combustion engine requires fossil fuel to generate energy, we will always be at the mercy of the oil cartel. To free ourselves from fossil fuel dependency, we have to consider alternative energy source for our cars. One such alternative is electricity. How do we use electricity to power our vehicle? This article will provide some useful information on the subject.

There is 2 ways for you to enjoy the benefits of an EV. You can either buy a new electric car from the manufacturer or your can convert your existing gasoline driven car to run on electric. Most car owners will choose the latter option. To retrofit a car to run on electricity is quite simple. The idea is to remove the engine and replace it with an electric motor. Since the engine is gone, all its associated components such as gas tank, radiator and fuel lines are also removed. All the free space created will be used to store the battery packs. A custom DIY electric car will need about 20 lead acid flooded batteries to supply power to the motor. An EV with a full charge will be able to travel approximately 150 miles. The actual mileage will depend on the net weight of the car, the driving condition and also the speed of the car.

If you are not well versed with car components, the information above may not be useful to you. In this case, you can send your car to a professional mechanic to be retrofitted. To be prudent, you should have some knowledge on the science of an electric vehicle. This is to make sure you are not paying for unnecessary parts or work done. There are many electric car conversion guides that you can purchase from the web.

Electric powered cars are becoming quite popular these days and for good reason. These vehicles run on batteries and don't cause harmful emissions and pollution. Also they are much more cost efficient because they can help eliminate gas consumption. Running your vehicle on electricity can help you improve horsepower and eliminate your gasoline bill altogether.

By converting your car to run on electricity you can:

  • Stop paying for gasoline and save hundreds or even thousands of dollars a year.

  • Reach speeds of 50 miles per hour.

  • Receive tax refunds for using green energy in your vehicle.

  • Stop emitting carbon greenhouse gases and protect the environment.

  • Drive for up to 150-200 miles per charge.

  • Reduce your maintenance costs.

Instead of paying a professional to convert your car, which may cost you thousands of dollars, you can do the conversion yourself with the help of a diy guide.

If you plan to turn your automobile into an electric one, you must keep a number of things in mind. The lighter the vehicle, the easier it is to convert it and the car must have enough room to place the batteries.

First, you have to replace the internal combustion engine with an electric motor. You will also need: a power controller, fuses, miscellaneous nuts and bolts, rechargeable batteries and power conductors. These materials can be found at your local hardware and are in general very affordable.

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